Wired Homes Music is an Independent Label and Recording Studio located in the heart of the Skagit Valley near La Conner, Washington. The Skagit Valley is known for it's rich farmland and is located on I-5 sixty miles north of Seattle.

Wired Homes founder, John Holmes:
I started writing songs in the late 60's and created the studio in the mid 90's as a tool for recording my songs and those of my friends. The studio collective has thrived on the creative energy and friendships of local musicians in the Pacific Northwest.

The creative process is one that enables us all to communicate what we're feeling and experiencing each in our own unique way. When we are allowed to indulge in this creative process in an uninhibited and non-judgmental manner it becomes a therapy of a kind in that it allows expression of anything in any way that we feel like. My philosophy is that all these creative forms of expression are healthy and valuable and it's important to be uninhibited in the creative process for it to be most effective. It's not always natural for us to feel uninhibited in the creative process and it's important to encourage and support the creative energies of local artists so as to foster this type of environment. The key to this is providing positive feedback.

My mission is to provide a positive environment for myself and others to participate in the uninhibited creative process of writing, arranging, playing, performing, and recording musical creations and to establish artistic connections with other persons who have a similar philosophy/mission.

© John Holmes 2005