The studio currently consists of a Mark Of The Unicorn 24i (24 bit 24 channel Analog to Digital converter) that is connected to a computer-based editing system. It had it's beginnings in the 1970's with a sound on sound reel to reel system and has evolved through cassette 4 track and ADAT tape based systems to today's digital technology.

Demo Packages:
Demo packages start with a 1 song demo and are flexible enough to cover most any need.

Project Packages:
Project packages range from solo performace recorded live to up to 16 tracks live and as many overdub tracks as the customer needs. Recording can be done at the studio or at another location.

Studio Recording:
Offering up to 16 channels recorded at the same time at either 16 or 24 bit resolution utilizing a 44k or 48k sample rate. The Mark Of The Unicorn 24i is utilized as the A/D (analog to digital converter). Condenser microphones are combined with dynamic microphones for ultimate flexibility and sound. A full drum kit, Hammond B3 organ and Leslie, Baldwin piano, Fender Precision bass with Alembic active pick ups, 1962 Fender Stratocaster and 1959 Epiphone Casino electric guitars and numerous guitar and bass amplifiers are available for use. Audio can also be transferred to the computer for mixdown or editing purposes from portable hard disk systems and other recording equipment.

Location Recording:
Up to 16 channels available. Live performances are typically done with an 8 channel ADAT and a 16 channel Mackie mixer combined with a combination of condenser and dynamic microphones to capture the energy and dynamics of a live performance. Video and film location recording typically done in either mono or stereo.

Mixdown is accomplished on the latest version of Sonar on up to date PC hardware utilizing the Windows XP Professional operating system. Volume, pan and effects envelopes are utilized to provide the automated level, pan, and effects changes necessary. The customer is normally involved in providing input and feedback throughout the mixdown phase.

For full blown projects I recommend recording at 24 bit resolution and taking the mixed down 24 bit version to a professional mastering business. Recommendations can be provided. For demo projects we provide basic mastering functionality and normalization to insure consistent volume levels between cuts.

Audio Editing:
The latest version of Sonar is the editing and recording software used to capture and edit audio. Over 1000 hours of editing time has been logged doing both film and audio projects.

CD Artwork:
The latest version of Photoshop and a high quality scanner are utilized to generate high quality graphics and artwork. Customer provided artwork and photographs can easily be incorporated into a CD package.

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